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on this tumblr we will try and capture all of the inspirations that get our neurons bouncing...

so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

it may be a bumpy one ;-)

Amazing resource for graphic and webdesigners!

Brands We Love

If you are a fan of Holstee, we think you will love this folks as well. Here is short list of companies that constantly inspire us through their products, through their mission, and through their positive global impacts.

Have a reccomendation of your own?! Let us know! Email: friends [at]

do-the-green-thing-logoDo the Green Thing

Do the green thing offers tips and inspiration on ways to live a greener life! They also launched Glove Love, which is pure genius! Bringing all the lonely single gloves of the world together and onto our cold wee fingers!

dr-bronners-logoDr. Bronner’s Soap

We love, love, love, Dr. Bronner’s! This soap is amazing on the body (oo the tingle!), and they are very aware of the eco-impact of their products. They are a pioneering force for industrial hemp, and organic farming. We are “all one or all none”!

glee_gum_logoGlee Gum

Glee makes some of the best tasting gum in the world! To top it off, Glee is all-natural, and made with sustainably harvested rainforest chicle. Through their products, this family-run gum company is changing the way the world thinks one chomp at a time.

goodGOOD Magazine

GOOD is all about living well and doing good. The magazine features critical topics that play an important role in our daily lives as citizens of this planet. Their beautifully designed magazine focuses on people, places, and things that are moving the world forward. Pick up a magazine and be inspired.


TOMS has started an inspiring movement that is beautiful in its simplicity. For every shoe you buy a pair of new shoes is given to a child in need - one for one. The shoes are comfortable, stylish and timeless. TOMS really are shoes for a better tomorrow, and we love wearing ours!

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Hooray diagram! (the true answer to the meaning of life)

Hooray diagram! (the true answer to the meaning of life)